Surfly for Advisors and Professional Services Teams

Explaining your product offerings to prospects or clients can be tricky. So, offer your customer an “Out-of-the-box experience”! Email or telephone are usually the top choices for contacting customers. But even then, clients expect timely responses and a personalized experience.

With Surfly co-browsing, we can help you transform the way you interact with your customers. Whether you’re a remote advisor, product expert or consultant, we can help you address customer needs faster and shorten the sales cycle by 50 percent or more.

Remote advice solution

Use Surfly to deliver expert and personalized information. Surfly can be used as a remote advisor tool to sell your products and services. By using Surfly co-browsing solution, you can reach customers in different geographical regions – anywhere and anytime. Coupled with text, audio and video chat, you can start connecting with customers in a more personalized manner.

Benefits of using Surfly

Surfly co-browsing solution enables companies to revolutionize their customer experience resulting in:

Increased sales – Grow your overall company revenue –  Increase sales to new verticals by 40% when using Surfly

Increased upsell and cross-sells – Increase sales by 90% using personalized cross-selling and upselling opportunities
Increased customer satisfaction – 78% higher satisfaction ratings than asynchronous electronic channels (email, web self-service).
Strengthened emotional connection – Increase customer retention rates with 7.6% annually.

Improved environmental sustainability and social responsibility – Co-browsing reduces travel time and operational efficiency.

Compliant, Secure, and Trustworthy

Setup compliant sessions with Surfly, in seconds. You can connect with customers who deal with protected information and are required to follow particular security measures, such as HIPAA. You don’t need to download a plugin or waste time installing new software. Simply launch Surfly from your dashboard and begin your consulting session.

Also, your sensitive data is secure with Surfly and can be stored on premise.

Great Advising Teams already use Surfly

  • It’s so smooth, the video quality is excellent !

    Martijn van der Does, Managing Director, Wonderland
  • Co-browsing is a very complex technology, and Surfly makes it easy to implement a top notch solution.

    Patrick Speijers, CEO, Robin
  • What convinced us to choose Surfly is their technology, mainly the straightforward and easy implementation.

    Anant Rao, Head of the Customer Fulfilment Center, UBA Group

Get started with Co-browsing today

  • Co-browsing for an effortless and human customer experience.

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