The co-browsing API

Realtime Collaboration

With our co-browsing API you can make any website or web application a realtime collaboration tool. Surfly is the transparant layer that will allow your clients and representatives to communicate with each other using your website as a backdrop.

Complete Integration Freedom

Surfly gives you full control of how a co-browsing session should behave and look. For example, should a web-sharing session be started by an agent or a client? Should the session be started through a button or through an invitation mail? Should the session be opened in a new tab or in an iframe? Etc.

Different Usecases

Some of our clients use our API to add a support button to their website, others embed Surfly in their chat solution and again others built complete advisor portals around our technology. This can all be done by simply using our API.

How our clients use our co-browsing API

Surfly_web portal

Website integration

Add a support button to your website, which will allow any website visitor to request support. Not only can this button be fully customized but also the appearance of the Surfly session. Surfly works excellent in combination with existing chat solutions.

Surfly_form help

Advice portals

Create an online platform where advisors can have realtime conversations with their customers. Focus on the content and we’ll make sure that it can be shared among all session participants. Our clients have created these type of applications for the financial, health and automotive industry.

Surfly_landing page

Flow Customization

If your your agents communicate mainly by phone than the session-id approach might be useful. With Surfly the flow of how a customer gets connected to your agents is completely customizable, for example, you can easily create your own landing-page or even make use of an external post-session survey.


Product Integration

Some of our clients embed our co-browsing technology into existing (SAAS) solutions. For example we power the co-browsing technology behind a wide range of chat and videochat solutions. We deliver (OEM) co-browsing technology for callcenter solution providers who roll this out to the enterprise.

Why Surfly?

World's fastest experience

By integrating Surfly you will integrate a high quality co-browsing service that is fast and full featured. The co-browsing session works without any delay, the content maintains the same quality of the original website. Just try it out for yourself.

Reliable platform, built to scale

Surfly is used daily by thousands of different users. This gives us a lot of feedback so that we can improve our service. By integrating Surfly you will immediately benefit from this experience.

Proven and robust

Surfly just works. Third party iframes, secure websites and or content behind a login will just work without a problem and without requiring any changes to your website. Need to be able to co-browse content on a completely different domain? Not a problem for Surfly.


We use 256bit SSL encryption: The same kind of encryption your bank uses. Only the person who controls the session has access to all the information. Others who join your session only get access to the content that they are allowed to see. We can optionally provide HIPAA and or PCI compliance.

Easy to setup

Surfly works on any website without configuration or changes needed to the website itself. With our API, integrating co-browsing in your own application is as simple as loading a URL in a certain iframe. We take care of the complexities so you don’t have to.

On-Premise / Private Cloud

For clients that are limited where they can deploy their services we can easily roll out to an on-premise solution or even set up a completely private cloud.

Do you need help?

If you want to implement Surfly’s co-browsing technology in your organisation, we offer consulting services to help you get up-and-running as soon as possible. We also provide software development support to integrate Surfly (using our API) with your own systems.

With our extensive knowledge of customer interaction solutions we can provide software development services to customers wanting to advance their customer service or technical support to the next level.

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