Co-browsing API

Unlock seamless collaboration with Surfly’s cobrowsing API

Take your application to the next level with real-time co-browsing that is robust, scalable, fully customizable, and easy to integrate.

Implementing and using Surfly is very easy, and our users love it

Our co-browsing API options

Javascript API – fully customizable

By using our Javascript cobrowsing API, you gain the ability to initiate co-browsing sessions and tailor their appearance and functionality. This grants you the flexibility to incorporate our preconfigured ‘Get live help’ button or opt for a fully customized and branded integration by disabling our standard UI.

REST API – full control over the experience

By utilizing our REST cobrowsing API, you get full control over managing your co-browsing sessions and have the freedom to build on top our co-browsing technology according to your requirements. Leverage the power of the REST API to automate agent administration, interact with the queue, or seamlessly integrate Surfly into your application.

Embed API – simple and secure

With our Embed cobrowsing API, you can quickly get started with Surfly Co-browsing within your own web application. You can then use our our standard agent interface functionality such as Queue, Settings, Agent Management in a simple and secure way.

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Unsub H. Principle Engineer
  • So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need to change our website.
  • Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
  • Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
  • No installation, our customers don’t need additional installation.
  • Fast performance
Sergio F. Business Owner

Easy and efficient

“Surfly has a simple and efficient technology that can be implemented in hours and deliver its benefits right away. The simplicity of the platform is what I like the most.”

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Thorsten S Senior Presales Consultant

Easy to use, no code change on the website

“Using co-browse with the capability to make also a webRTC voice & video call”

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