Press Release: Surfly gets big in Japan by teaming up with OceanBridge Inc.

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo— Surfly, a leading co-browsing technology company based in Amsterdam, and OceanBridge Inc., a Japanese distributor of IT overseas products, announced their new global strategic partnership.
OceanBridge Inc. has officially launched Surfly, and will start offering Surfly’s co-browsing technology and video chat to the Japanese market. The company will support Surfly in expanding its global presence in Japan, enabling growth into new customer segments, and supporting the growth of Surfly’s co-browsing technology in APAC.
Through the strategic partnership, companies across Japan can now better assist and visually collaborate with their customers online. With Surfly, companies can instantly see what their customers are doing on their website and assist them with just a single click. Unlike screen sharing, co-browsing does not require customers to download any plugins or software – making it simple and safe.

Japan and the Netherlands have a long shared history together, since the 17th Century. We are really excited to be part of this bond,” said Akira Nakada, CEO of OceanBridge Inc.


I believe, Surfly enhances the value of Japanese enterprises,” said Akira Nakada, CEO of OceanBridge Inc.


With Surfly, we’re putting co-browsing in the hands of customer support agents and advisors in Japan – enabling them to better understand and collaborate with their clients and employees, thus improving customer experience, customer loyalty and profitability too,” said Akira Nakada, CEO of OceanBridge Inc.


We are excited to partner with OceanBridge Inc. in Japan,” said Nicholas Piël, CEO of Surfly. We believe that the best way to reach and help more businesses and their customers is with the use of our co-browsing technology,” said Nicholas Piël, CEO of Surfly.


OceanBridge Inc. marketing and customer support expertise make our partnership a clear win-win,”said Nicholas Piël, CEO of Surfly.


With a strong market share in Japan, partnering with OceanBridge Inc. will significantly increase the opportunity to widen Surfly’s presence in Japan”, said, Nicholas Piël, CEO of Surfly.


About OceanBridge Inc.

OceanBridge Inc. act as a bridge between foreign IT vendors and their potential customers in Japan. The company is specialized  in introducing IT products from overseas that are not yet widely known in the Japanese market, but their expertise goes far beyond product localization.

About Surfly

Surfly has developed a co-browsing technology for companies to engage and collaborate with their customers online. With Surfly co-browsing solution and video chat, support agents and advisors can remotely assist website visitors.
Unlike screen sharing, Surfly’s unique approach does not require you to download any software or plugins, nor does it require any installation – making it simple, fast and safe. With our innovative solution, companies can easily roll out and deploy co-browsing in their contact centers or on their website in a matter of minutes. By adding Surfly’s turnkey service, advisors can move seamlessly across different communication channels (Telephone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Phone or web chat) to a collaborative web-session as they engage with their customers. Moreover, during a co-browse session support agents and advisors can also share and view documents that reside on their local machine by just dragging them into the browser window.

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