Introducing: Our Reseller Functionality

Posted by: Florien Handgraaf
11 August 2015
min read

Surfly’s web sharing products are useful add-ons to the product or services that you already provide to your customers, you can become a Surfly reseller.
In order to better support our resellers we’ve built a few things to help them:

  • A management dashboard
  • A full fledged reseller API
  • A Chrome extension to quickly demo Surfly on the website of prospects

Client Management

After logging in, resellers of Surfly will find extra functionality under the ‘clients’ tab. The client’s dashboard gives a neat overview of all your current clients and allows you to add and remove them. For each of your clients, you’ll have an overview of all their agents and can easily add and remove them as well.

A Reseller API

Instead of needing to make these changes manually you can also use our API and have clients created directly by your own application. Check out our API documentation for more info.

The Chrome Extension

To make it easy for our resellers to demonstrate how Surfly works when integrated on websites of prospects we’ve created a special Chrome plugin. With this plugin, one can add the Surfly widget on any website with just a click of a button and it is very easy to try out the various options we provide to customize the appearance.
In order to install the plugin, do the following:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension
  2. Open Chrome
  3. Go to Tools / Preferences / Settings (depends on your OS)
  4. Go to ‘Extensions’
  5. Click on ‘Load unpacked extension’
  6. Point it to the downloaded file

Want to become a reseller?

As a reseller, you will enjoy discounted pricing and premium technical & sales support. You can decide whether you want to resell Surfly as a white label option or if you’d rather have us handle support and invoicing. Interested in becoming a reseller? Contact us at