Who we are, and what we do

At Surfly we focus our energy on one thing: enabling anyone, anywhere to add a collaborative layer to any web application without having to modify or change the original application.

However you want to collaborate remotely, you should be able to, without creating cumbersome integrations, or continually adding complex and costly technology.

This is possible today with Surfly’s Interaction Middleware, which allows you to innovate any digital interaction in real-time, however you want.

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  • Enterprise Insurance

    29 March 2021

    Why Surfly impressed me?

    “Surfly’s co-browsing solution is easy to use for both customers and agents, and the back-end system allow business to customize many different settings like user interface and the back list/ white list, and so on.
    What attracted me most is Surfly’s e-signature feature and document collaboration, which can help the insurance industry develop the digital online service significantly.”

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  • Christian H

    OneDealer Product Portfolio Director

    26 March 2021

    A pleasure from day one

    “Surfly convinced us from day one and since then, we didn’t get disappointed in this valuable and friendly partnership. The software of Surfly is a great addition to the OneDealer-portfolio and makes us, and more importantly – our customers, very happy.”

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  • Unsub H

    Principal Engineer

    30 March 2021

    Secret Weapon Against COVID-19

    “Technical point of view
    – So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need change our website.
    – Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
    – Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
    – No installation, our customer don’t need additional installation.
    – Fast performance”

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  • Catherine D
    23 November 2020

    Great additional service to our company!

    “It is so easy! No one has to download anything for us to connect and the steps needing to make the connection is simple. It has great features that make it easy to show multiple websites and even be able to show documents loaded in my computer. To be able to swap control of the cursor back and forth is also great, so the end user can feel a part of their own enrollment.”

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  • Administrator in Enterprise Financial Services

    25 May 2020

    A hassle-free solution that is friendly to use, easy to integrate, and affordable to adopt

    “Universal browsing with video chat and document upload/download is a perfect combination for digital insurance! And I think the free trial and online resource is really helpful for early evaluation.”

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Our Interaction Middleware technology will become a new infrastructure for the digital world, allowing anyone to add any type of collaboration or communication layer to any digital property they want.

Surfly's future

The biggest difference between Surfly and everyone is that Surfly allows you to co-browse the full web without needing to change or modify any code on any website. Our underlying technology doesn’t rely on adding Javascript to your digital properties, or force you to connect to a virtual browser. Instead, we have developed an advanced proxy that is the core of everything we do — we call it Interaction Middleware.

It will enable our customers to transform any web interaction, in any way they want, on the fly, in real-time, and without changing the original application. This is our vision and secret sauce.

Today it powers our co-browsing technology but there is no limit to what it can do.



Surfly is built to meet the highest security standards and regulations

Our people and our space

Our Surfly superstars are the real secret of our success! And being able to work in the heart of Amsterdam along the iconic Singel canal doesn’t hurt either. Join the team and see for yourself!

Join our team


Join our team!

How did it all begin?

Nicholas Piël

CEO & Founder, Surfly

“While in university I worked in tech support and saw first hand how hard it is to help people remotely. After a particularly tough call, the idea for Surfly was born. But we decided to take a unique approach to building the technology that enables anyone to add collaborative and human experiences to any digital interactions through co-browsing. Our approach uses an interaction middleware, so co-browsing is just the beginning of our journey to let anyone add a layer of interaction to anything digital.”

Our history:

It starts with a particularly tough support call over 8 years ago, includes an apple pie, the usual start-up challenges, winning numerous awards, hitting the 200,000 user mark, and…. well, just read a condensed timeline below.

  • 2012:

    While working in tech support, Nicholas had a marathon tech support call that ended with a happy customer sending Nicholas a homemade apple pie, and the realization that the issue could have been solved in minutes if they could have browsed the website together. The idea for Surfly, and our company-wide obsession with apple pie, was born. (We still accept homemade baked goods!)

  • 2013:

    Surfly raises €400k from Linden Mobile Ventures to build the first version of Surfly’s advanced proxy and co-browsing technology. Surfly officially launches in October during TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in Berlin.

  • 2014:

    Our co-browsing technology starts making waves, and we are a finalist for the South by Southwest Accelerator. Even more exciting: we hit the 20,000 user mark!

  • 2016:

    Surfly hits the big time and lands an investment of €1mm from Readytech in California. Surfly’s plan for global domination begins to take shape.

  • 2017:

    The Surfly we know today begins to take shape as we open new offices in the center of Amsterdam. We stop relying only on our 40,000+ users to tell the world about us, and bring on our first sales, marketing, support team members.

  • 2019:

    Now a dedicated team of 9 superstars (and one foosball table), we hit the 60,000 user mark, win a slew of awards, and raise €2M from Mundi Ventures. We are making big waves!

  • 2020:

    Surfly more than doubles to 20 superstars, opens a beautiful office along a canal, in the center of Amsterdam, is accepted into the prestigious FIS Fintech Accelerator, hits the 100k user mark, launches our first Remote Hack-a-thon, and helps enable some of the biggest companies in the world to enhance their digital journeys with co-browsing.

  • 2021:

    It’s still early in the year, but Surfly has doubled again – we now have 40 superstars and we aren’t done yet! We also hit the 200k user mark and have started work with more companies who want to leverage our core interaction middleware technology.

  • 2022:

    We have some predictions… reach out and we will share them.