Surfly powers unrivaled Co-browsing

With Surfly’s high quality and super fast co-browsing technology you can provide a customer experience that equals that of a face-to-face meeting, without any barriers in the service cycle. Just click a button or share a link to browse the web together with your customers.

Surfly is a turn-key service that is easily added to your web-site. With our fully documented API it is straightforward and easy to integrate and with our (video)chat functionality you can build trusting relationships with your clients.

Blazing Performance

Benefit from the optimized performance: Always hit a server that is geographically close in order to reduce latency and optimize performance.


Integrate Surfly completely into your website: You can now deliver your sales pitches and demos instantly from your own website, without needing to switch platforms.


Set up compliant sessions with Surfly: Connect with customers who deal with protected information and are required to follow particular security measures, such as HIPAA.

  • Co-browsing is a very complex technology, and Surfly makes it easy to implement a top notch solution.

    Patrick Speijers, CEO, Robin
  • It’s so smooth, the video quality is excellent !

    Martijn van der Does, Managing Director, Wonderland
  • What convinced us to choose Surfly is their technology, mainly the straightforward and easy implementation.

    Anant Rao, Head of the Customer Fulfilment Center, UBA Group

Co-browsing vs. Screen-sharing

Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares your web browser, not your complete desktop. Would you feel comfortable giving others access to your computer?

Screen-sharing solutions are pixel-based, which means that the controller constantly takes snapshots of the screen and then sends these to the other side in compressed form. The drawback of this approach is that screen updates are slow and of low quality. Surfly’s co-browsing, on the other hand, lets you surf the internet together, and not look at an image of a website on someone else’s computer.


JS Based Co-Browsing Pixel Based Co-Browsing Screen Sharing
High Quality
No Setup Required
Works with iFrames
No Installation or Extension
Can be integrated in Existing Web App
Works with Legacy technology (Activex, Flash)
Can share your Desktop

Co-browsing with Surfly

Surfly distinguishes itself by overcoming cross-domain policies and having all elements on the site (including iframes) function correctly within the co-browsing session. This means that audio and video are synced as well. In addition, all visual updates can be efficiently captured. Our proxy approach also allows us to provide both the user and the agent with a very smooth co-browsing experience that is much faster than other solutions.


Get started with Co-browsing today

  • Co-browsing for an effortless and human customer experience.

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