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Visual Engagement Tools Drive Innovation & Transformational Growth

Visual engagement tools became the disruptive technology of 2020. Studies show customers clearly prefer the visual channel over chat and voice. Frost & Sullivan talk about picking the best visual tool that ticks all the boxes.


How APIs can drive KPIs in the Contact Center

APIs will be crucial to connect silos and improve customer experience – and this article takes a look at the impact APIs can have on contact centres specifically.

No Jitter Insights

From Great Service to Amazing Experience

Give your customers a treat by empowering your contact center agents with tools such as universal co-browsing.


Digitalization of the Customer Journey in 2022 and beyond

How customers interact with businesses in regulated industries has increased demand for tools that allow remote interaction on a compliant platform. Meet co-browsing, an interactive solution that is compliant by design: from masking customers’ personal info to logs that let you audit interactions.


How Leading Co-browsing Tech Humanizes NICE CC Conversations

Using Surfly’s secure cloud add-on for co-browsing and video chat, consumers, agents, advisors, and CSRs can instantly connect and collaborate via their browsers. It’s much easier to build trust when there’s no software to install. Surfly doesn’t require you to make changes to your current flow, and can simply be added where you need it.


What's the Difference Between Co-browsing and Screen Sharing?

At Surfly, this question comes up everyday, and it’s one that we love to answer. We’ve enabled over 200,000 users to recreate the in-person meeting experience with our co-browsing technology, in a way that can never be replicated with screen sharing.