Surfly as a service tool

Provide better and effective customer support by getting a real-time look on your customer’s screen. Support agents can work together with customers to fill in forms, change account settings or purchase items online.

  • Increase first time resolution 57%
  • Increase customer satisfaction 34%
  • Decrease solution times 67%
  • Lower returning calls 56%

Easy interaction with customers

Within contact centers and in customer contact in general it is evident that processes always need to be as efficient as possible. With Surfly’s technology of co-browsing you allow your contact center employees to view what the customer is viewing on a website. Sharing a website will enable customer service representatives to increase their first line resolution and decrease their solution times. Further more it will drop the call back ratio, since the participant can actually see what he has to do the next time.

Online help

With the possibility to use Surfly’s text, audio and video chat it is a ready to use service tool on your website. Your customer can start a session right away. The customer service representative receives a call in Surfly’s backend queue system and can take it from there. Surfly is a great tool to help with online applications, websites or webshops.

Simple, fast & safe

Surfly can be used without any download, installation or configuration and is really easy to integrate into your website or even your applications. Goal is to make sure that is has little impact on current processes in place and make the solutions as simple as possible.

With Surfly your customer service representatives can easily understand what the client is running into and this will have a positive effect on the resolution times. Further more it will take a way a lot of frustration and miscommunication. Surfly can even be used to up and cross-sell, making sure your customer service representative increases your revenue.

Surfy uses encrypted connections and in this way the sessions are totally safe. Only the current webbrowser tab is being shared. The customer or the employee is in control, but is able to switch the control.

Integration of Surfly is made really easy with a fully documented API or just use it right out of the box by implementing a small piece of Javascript on your website, webshop or web application.

Why Surfly?

– All-in-one: screensharing, video and textchat
– Pricing, scalable for a growing service department
– Quality, no loss in quality compared to other solutions
– Simple, no barriers in the service cycle
– Easy to implement
– Quick support

Client case

World Ticket Center

The Netherlands

World Ticket Center is one of the largest online independent travel agencies in the Netherlands with 25,000 website visitors per day. World Ticket Center offers flights of all airlines, including British Airways, KLM, Qantas Airways and EasyJet.


- Improvement of customer satisfaction
- More sales by up and cross sell
- Lower call time on service calls
- Easier for customer service representatives
- Easier for clients