Surfly as a sales tool

Improve your conversion and ensure the ultimate customer experience by working together with customers in selling for example financial services, online travel, e-commerce and cloud applications. Surfly can be used as a remote sales tool to sell your products and services. With co-browsing you can finalize all the steps in the sales process including form filling and signing. Your customers do not have to download or install anything, it works directly on your website.

  • Increase conversion 87%
  • Increase customer satisfaction 34%
  • Improve margins 89%
  • Increase revenue 47%

Remote sales

Surfly is a great tool for remote sales. By using Surfly you can easily go through presentations, a website, share documents and have your client fill in forms and sign them directly. Accompanied by text, audio and video chat it is a full option solution that you can start using right away. You can also use it for outbound calling and make it more efficient by visualizing your proposition.

Online demo

Surfly can be used on any platform and on any device, without your customers having to download or install any software. This makes it very easy to use for everybody and makes it a great tool to give demo’s. Especially for online platforms or cloud tooling you can go through all features and show your clients what you are selling. Surfly also supports video sharing, so you can also watch your precept or service videos together.

Simple, fast & safe

You can start your product presentation right from your own website and share it with your client. There is no configuration needed. The client immediately understands what happens. With Surfly there is no loss in quality, resulting in crystal clear sales pitches.

With Surfly your sales representatives can do more sales and more demo’s during a day, you will save cost on travel expenses and increase your conversion, margin and revenue. Besides that it has a great influence on your customer satisfaction and internal efficiency.

Surfy uses encrypted connections and in this way the whole sessions totally safe. Only the current webbrowser tab is being shared. The sales representative is in control, but is able to switch the control to the client. The client is then able to experience your product for example, fill in a form, register for a demo or even digitally sign.

Why Surfly?

– All-in-one: screensharing, video and textchat
– Pricing, scalable for a growing sales department
– Switch control, allows immediate deal closing
– Quality, no loss in quality compared to other solutions
– Simple, no barriers in the sales cycle
– Easy to implement
– Quick support

Client case


Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Kununu is the biggest online platform for employer branding. Kununu gives employers an opportunity to showcase their company to future employees and has over 201.000 employer profiles online.

Kununu’s sales department exists of a growing department of sales representatives. Their target group consists of all companies in Germany, Austria and Zwitserland. With this amount of potential clients, Kununu has always focussed on remote sales. During this process the sales representatives found out that it would be easier to sell, by showing the platform to the client they had on the phone.

In Kununu’s case the sales representative calls the potential client and makes an appointment for an online demo. The online demo is initiated through Surfly. The sales rep shows the Kununu platform to the client and goes through all the options that the platform has to offer. They can even immediately close the deal by a client creating their online profile.


- Improvement of sales targets
- Faster sales
- Less costs
- Easier for sales representatives
- Easier for clients