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Partners Use cases

Many of the world’s leading contact center solution providers, chat engagement applications, sales solutions and CRM platforms have transitioned their application into a collaborative platform with Surfly.

Surfly acts as a transparent layer that will instantly add universal co-browsing and video chat to your solution without writing a single line of code. With Surfly’s unique functionalities, such as behavior control, the audit log and full control switching, you can make any website or web application fully interactive. Surfly provides full OEM and white-label capabilities which can be optionally placed on-premise.

Surfly enhances the value of Japanese enterprises. With Surfly, we’re putting co-browsing in the hands of customer support agents and advisors in Japan – enabling them to better understand and collaborate with their clients and employees, thus improving customer experience, customer loyalty and profitability too

Akira Nakada

CEO, Oceanbridge

Surfly gives Luware a competitive edge by enabling our clients to better understand their customers, work more closely with them and thereby promote customer loyalty. Our two companies – both innovative pioneers – complement each other perfectly.

Philipp Beck

CEO, Luware AG

Co-browsing is a very complex technology, and Surfly makes it easy to implement a top-notch solution.

Patrick Speijers

CEO, Robin

Benefits of using Surfly’s Universal Co-browsing

Enable a new go-to-market 

Surfly’s universal co-browsing enables you to expand your product offering as you will be able to tie your solution to the website. Combine this with Surfly’s regular ‘session-id’ flow, and your solution will now be interesting for everyone with a phone on his desk.

Speed of Implementation

Surfly’s unique approach makes it incredibly easy to go live with your client without requiring much cooperation from their side. With Surfly you’ll be able to show your offering on the production environment and go live immediately without the need for extensive integration processes.

surfly-icon-02-30x30Enable real-time collaboration

Surfly enables your clients to strengthen the emotional bond with their customers and build long-term relationships – as they are able to work together with their customers to solve their problems collaboratively.

surfly-icon-07-30x30Proven Technology

Surfly is the most advanced and full-featured universal co-browsing solution available, by integrating our technology you can go live today and focus on your core business. For more information on how we differ compared to alternative see: WHY SURFLY PAGE

integration-100x95Proven Integration 

Surfly has enabled partners and clients to transition their customer experience solutions or advisor platforms into a collaborative platform. Surfly is a transparent layer that can be fully integrated into an existing application or added on top of Surfly. The interface can be rebranded and fully customized.

Partners Use Cases


Workstreampeople (Anywhere 365)

Anywhere365 is the largest native and certified Lync and Skype for Business contact center solution. The company was looking for a robust co-browsing solution, that is fast and full-featured. Workstreampeople seamlessly integrated Surfly as an embedded part of its existing contact center solution – enabling their clients to instantly connect and assist customer online.



Upstream works

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) provides a flexible, extensible solution that has been designed to simplify the more and more complicated customer journey. The company has integrated Surfly into their single interface – allowing their clients to start co-browsing session on any channel.




Robin HQ

ROBIN helps eCommerce & retail brands turn personal service into a competitive edge to ultimately sell more. The company was in need of a simple to use co-browsing solution that can be integrated into their chat solution. Building it from scratch was an option but ROBIN came across Surfly and decided to implement the tool.




Brand Embassy

Brand Embassy is a cloud-based customer service platform providing integrated social media, messaging, live chat and AI-powered chatbot service to leading brands such as T-mobile, Vodafone, and Allianz. The company uses Surfly’s universal co-browsing solution to create a completely seamless and consistent experience that delivers value.





Ocean Bridge is specialized in providing IT products to the Japanese market. The company was looking to expand their current product portfolio. By becoming a Surfly reseller, Ocean bridge can focus on delivering IT solutions to the Japanese market without having to invest time and money in building and maintaining the technology.


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