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Turn your customer journey into a smooth ride with Surfly: no stops, no surprises.

  • Stay with your customers throughout the journey
  • Resolve queries and issues as they come up
  • Save on time, paper, and courier costs
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Our new Document Editor feature turns Surfly into a full start-to-sign solution, enabling editing and e-signature support for companies without dedicated tools.

Upload, view, and edit any document in a Surfly session

Just click the document icon in the toolbar to upload your file. We render the document in the safe context of the session and open it in a new Surfly tab, and we never store any session data.

Supported formats: .pdf .jpg .jpeg .png .docx .xlsx .pptx and .md. Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, full audit log features, and masking of sensitive data for security and compliance.

Fill, rearrange, and annotate documents

Fill forms, add notes, redact information, and place stamps in any document you share during a session. You can also reorder, rotate, delete, and crop pages, and then download your documents as PDFs.

E-sign documents with customers securely in real-time

Browse through policies, answer queries on video chat, and sign documents in real-time—increasing resolution rate and reducing the risk of abandonment with an interactive, synchronous customer journey.

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