4 Simple Steps to Wow Your Millennial Customers

We will love you after these few small actions

A lovely “waiting line jingle” sounds in my phone: ‘Our representatives are busy helping other customers at the moment. Your current wait time is. Ten. Minutes.’

Ten minutes?! That’s not the best start of a relationship. I’m a millennial in her prime spending years and I cringe when a company is hijacking my time. There are millions of people like me. In fact, my generation is larger than Generation X and even larger than the Baby Boomers, creating a unique challenge for how business is done these days.

A car, house, music, or luxury goods’ ownership isn’t my priority. I want access, subscription, and rental, not ownership. Ownership is too burdensome. I’m a digital native and look for convenience when shopping and booking online. Your brand won’t necessarily impress me, but your social media presence may. Also, and probably most importantly from a priority standpoint, the experience your brand creates is what counts the most. Experiences over commodities, people!

Here’s the thing. If any of this comes as a shock and your company has not figured out how to draw me and other millennials to your website, service, or product, you may be out of business soon. Because again, we are one of the largest consumer groups currently on the market.

We, millennial customers, are smart and well researched, and impatient like never before. Our questions are sophisticated and we demand hyper-personal experiences from your brand. We demand them now. Instantly.

How does your business respond to this need? How do you make an interaction with your company a memorable experience for me?

Here are a few simple steps to get your biggest customer cohort, the millennials, happy:

  1. Make your web experience easy and effortless. Add a support button to your website, which will allow any of your millennial visitors to reach out with questions instantly.
  2. Create an online platform, that’s no longer a one-way medium, where we can have real time conversations with your reps and agents. Where we can have the personalized and easy to access customer experience, topped with future solving of the issues that reps can anticipate, while we converse.
  3. Make it seemless: if you have a chat or a video chat solution already, and we, your customers, are still struggling to explain exactly what issues we are running against, embed a co-browsing technology for easy screen sharing and collaborative web-browsing, and achieving “relationship status” with your millennial customers.

For a day or an hour, become me, your customer, and make sure the overall experience you are offering on your site is fast, reliable and secure. Ask yourself: how does it differentiate you?

The “waiting line jingle” is not the key to my or any buying millennial’s heart. Amazing customer experience is. It’s proved to trigger the same reactions in our brain as feeling loved. It increases our heart rate. These four small steps guarantee an enhanced experience that gets the millennials’ heart beating faster.


Posted by Ania on Apr 20, 2017

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  • Co-browsing for an effortless and human customer experience.

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